Hacker Course

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HAC1.1 Penetration Testers Framework (PTF): 
HAC1.2 Kali Linux Installation 
HAC1.3 Installing a free version of Burp Suite: 
HAC1.4 Installing OWASP ZAP:  
HAC1.5 Installing Whatweb  
HAC1.6 Installing Nikto 
HAC1.7 Installing CMSmap 
HAC1.8 Introduction to Web Applications – Rules of engagement – Communication Privacy 
HAC1.9 Content discovery and information gathering 
HAC1.10 A request to perform an application penetration test 
HAC1.11 Advanced Brute-forcing 
HAC1.12 Local File Inclusion (LFI) and Remote File Inclusion (RFI) vulnerabilities 
HAC1.13 What happens when things are not so clear? 
HAC1.14 The hacking community has a solution for almost any automation problem 
HAC1.15 Serialization is provided by languages, including java, php, python, and ruby 
HAC1.16 Client-side attacks 
HAC1.17 Server-side attacks 
HAC1.18 Attacking application programming interfaces (API’s) 
HAC1.19 Attacking CMS’s 
HAC1.20 Braking Application containers