Business Analyst Full Course


This is a complete Business Analyst training course developed by BAvarsity International and teaches the new Function Driven design methodology for the new digital arena future standards.

The course introduces the learner to the actual working environment and is presented in a hand-on way, as if you would be working on a project. The first six modules B1.1 to B1.6 teaches the design method and the next 14 modules B1.7 to B1.20 are utilized to create 14 functions as a person would in a real working environment. The theme used during training is to build functions relative to a digital bank and could in the same way be utilized in any other industry.

Included in the course are several soft skills such as understanding the corporate structure and its functions, scrum, waterfall and more, which would normally form part of ad-hoc training.

What Will I Learn?

  • The role of the Business Analyst
  • The Business Analyst Environment

Topics for this course

148 Lessons16h

Business Analyst B1.1

B1.1 Course Materials
Part 1 – Foundations of Business Analysis6:18
Part 2 – Digital Channels11:10
Part 3 – Digital proposition5:24
Part 4 – Industry Models6:25
Part 5 – Business Landscapes3:43
Part 6 – Business Landscapes in action2:55
Part 7 – Workbook Creation22:56
Part 8a – Committees across the organization32:12
Part 8b – Committees across the organization15:20
Part 8c – Committees across the organization15:39
Part 8d – Committees across the organization14:11
Part 8e – Committees across the organization24:40
Part 9 – User Stories20:26
Part 10 – Business Landscape for Banking – Customer Journeys24:06
Part 11 – Business Landscape for Banking Continued6:33
Part 12 – Customer Capabilities5:02
Part 13 – Customer Capabilities11:36
Part 14 – Customer Capabilities4:44
Part 15 – Revision and Assignment10:10

Business Analyst B1.2

Business Analyst B1.3

Business Analyst B1.4

Business Analyst B1.5

Business Analyst B1.6

Business Analyst B1.7

Business Analyst B1.8

Business Analyst B1.9

Business Analyst B1.10

Business Analyst B1.11

Business Analyst B1.12

Business Analyst B1.13

Business Analyst B1.14

Business Analyst B1.15

Business Analyst B1.16

Business Analyst B1.17

Business Analyst B1.18

Business Analyst B1.19

Business Analyst B1.20


Material Includes

  • Syllabus
  • 20 x Modules B1.1 to B1.20
  • 250 x Video Lessons
  • Downloadable Documentation
  • Online Quiz


  • Online Learning
  • Self-Paced approximately 8 hours over week period
  • Recommended at least a Grade 12 or equivalent
  • No prior IT experience required
  • Laptop, Earphones, Internet Access, WIFI.

Target Audience

  • Those who want to prepare themselves for the digital future